Organic Farming 101 Certificate Program

College Level Education program

This 6 or 8 week program is available as an entire series to anyone interested in learning about organic farming. The WEI Organic Farming Certificate option is available to students who would like to pursue a more intensive course of study which requires a final exam.  You can register for one or more of the sessions.

Organic Farming Certificate Program:   learn about the year-long practice of running and operating an organically certified farm.

Registration: $250 per session

Start dates:

Session One June 4    (6 weeks) 

Session Two July 16  (6 weeks)  

Session Three Sept. 3 (8 weeks) 

Class Schedule:  class meets Tuesday evenings (6:00 p.m.)at WEI’s Amador Hill Farm followed by weekly field work practicum 3 days/week x 6 weeks (Wed,Thurs and Fri 8:00-4:00)


Instructor:  Jacquelyn N. Zita, WEI Farm Manager and Education Director, and Production and Field Managers Shoua Lee and Melissa King

Location:  WEI’s Amador Hill Farm and Orchard, 15715 River Road, North Branch (Amador Township), Minnesota, 55056. 


Requirements for Organic Farming Certificate and Letter of Achievement: Complete a minimum of 6 weeks of study and training in Organic Farming at WEI’s Amador Hill Farm.  For an additional $50 (instructor grading time and exit interview), you can request a customized final exam to verify what you have learned and skills you have acquired. If you pass your exam, you will receive WEI’s Organic Farming Certificate and Letter of Achievement which will verify what you have learned, what skills you have acquired, evaluation of your work ethic and aptitude for learning and any special assets you bring to organic farming or the future of alternative food movements.  These documents may be used for future employment, school applications, transfer of credit or as a résumé feature. WEI will try to help you make these articulations.


Benefits:Student benefits include the education component of Organic Farming 101 course, readings and in-class discussion, on-the-field guided instruction and skill building, endurance training for farming, overnight residency at the farm (Tues-Thursday free of charge), and extra produce from the farm for self-made meals, WEI T-shirt

Organic Farming 101  Class Schedule and Content

            Organic Farming Curricular components for Tuesday evening classes:

                        Session Onestart date June 4)  

                        Session Two(start date July 16)  

                        Session Three(start date September 3)