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Learn to grow your own herbs, sample herbal teas, and take home a newly sown herb plants of your own. In this

hands- on class focusing primarily on culinary herbs with an introduction to a few medicinal herbs, students will explore the basics of seeding, transplanting, companion planting and harvesting of specific herb varieties.


Herb Farming A to Z

When: Saturday Mar. 2nd 2019, 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Where: At WEI’s Amador Hill Farm and Orchard, 15715 River Road, North Branch MN

Instructor: Nancy Graden, Red Clover Herbal Apothecary Farm

Registration Fee:       $ 75.00  


Nancy Graden will teach this hands-on class on growing mostly medicinal herbs with a few culinary ones. She will track this process from seeding in the greenhouse, transplanting out, tending to, harvesting and storing. The class will include specifics of planting different herbs, need for stratification and scarification, days to germinate, when/how to up-pot, days to transplant, sun/soil preferences, companions planting tips, building soil for healthy herbs, before, during and after, organic pest management along with harvesting, storing, seed saving, and some medicinal benefits.


This 3-credit class can be used by participants in WEI’s Herbalism and Environmental Health Certificate Program. You can also register for this class without participating in WEI’s Certificate Program.

Instructor(s) Bio:

I grew up on a small homestead farm surrounded by woods, plants, animals and water. This created a lifelong strong foundation with the natural world. After immersing myself in the study of ‘Western Clinical Herbalism’ a deep reverence for the intelligence of plants and the part their gifts play in our health and well-being evolved. Red Clover Herbal Apothecary Farm was born out of this understanding, now going on its 7th year. Red Clover Herbal is certified organic through MOSA, growing and wild-harvesting over 60 different kinds of medicinal and culinary herbs. We see the whole process through from beginning to end – from seed saving, germination, to planting out, tending to with love, building soil (before-after-during planting), organic pest management, harvesting, drying, garbling, making herbal tea blends, extracts, oils and elixirs, taking to market and providing local communities with native medicinal starter plants and high quality hand crafted herbal products. We also offer common sense seasonal CSA herbal shares that contribute to our health and well-being for each season. You can find out more about Red Clover Herbal Apothecary Farm at redcloverapothecary.com.