Intermediate Level Herbalism & Environmental Health Intensive Certification Level Course
9:00 am to 5:30 am
From 06-28-17 to 06-30-17


Intensive Level 2 Certification Level Course

REGISTER HERE for October class.

Tuition: $350 (8 credits)

Instructor:   Gigi Stafne ND, MH

This class has been moved to October 27, 28, 29. requires prerequisite Herb 101 or equivalent experience.
Prerequisite 101 class will be offered in September 8,9.10. Check with the instructor to see if you meet the minimum prerequisite. You can reach Gigi Stafne at  gigigreenwisdom@gmail.com 

Registered students can stay overnight in WEI Eco-Retreat Center rooms for half price.  Inquire at 651-583-0705.

Take the next nourishing step in naturopathic principles, environmental health and herbalism in this Level Two, Intermediate foundational course.   Natural and botanical medicine, as well as holistic health principles are woven together to assist humanity with healing.   Emotional toxins and contemporary stressors to the bombardment by ongoing daily environmental toxins and community violence.   Problems will be assessed, addressed and creative, holistic solutions are applied to case scenarios. Graduates of this Level 2 course will successfully integrate concepts and skills learned into personal life, as well as positions from public health to the CAM, Complementary Alternative Medicine professions. Students will be apply to fundamental theories in holistic health to personal health and wellness to community level needs upon completion of this certificate level course.

HERB 102 Course Learning Objectives:

Holistic Ecological Health: integrate wellness into individual and community life, Eco-Detective Work: identify and analyze contemporary environmental health hazards and problem, Environmental Health Issues: assess disease scenarios, identify imbalances and create holistic solutions in clinical settings,Herbs for Contemporary Stressors: examine Adaptogen, Alterative, Nervine and Nourishing Herbs for the human brain, body and nervous system, Detoxification & Cleansing Herbs: Understand the 5 main human elimination pathways in the body and herbal combinations to support them, Herbal Applications, create and hand craft a set of Flower Essences addressing stress, trauma and PTSD for your practice
Natural Medicine News: Interact with instructor and participants about professional issues, ethics and contemporary CAM, Complementary Alternative Medicine issues