June 6-10 Annnual Heart of the Water Turtle Moon Dance
4:00 am to 12:00 pm
From 06-06-17 to 06-10-17

                             Ayotlmetzli Danza de la Luna


WHAT:  11th Annual Women’s (four days and nights) Heart of
                 the Water-Turtle Moon Dance
WHEN :  June 6-10
WHERE:  Next to WEI’s Amador Hill Farm, 15715 River Road, North Branch, MN 55056

FEE: $215 – 1st yr Dancers taking a pipe
$200 – 1st yr Dancers not taking a pipe
$190 – returning Dancers
$80 – supporters

Please note: If you have financial constraints permitting you from contributing the listed rates, please let us know.  
No one is turned away for financial limitations.

Checks should be made out to Sylvia Sharma.  At this late date, this is currently considered a late registration. For more information on late registrations, contact Sylvia (651-442-4211) or correspond directly at sharmacopal@yahoo.com.

We wish to welcome you into our growing community of Moon Dancers and supporters around the world.  This is a ceremony to empower the Sacred Feminine, working with the Mexica cosmological system.  There are currently over 10 dances between South, Central and North Americas, with over 1000 women and men who pray with the black obsidian pipe, and Nana Metzli (Grandmother Moon), each month.

Registration Check List                           

Registration Form

Limited camping provided. Visitors and male supporters, fire keepers, and security invited.
Other ways you can contribute:

What Supporters can do:
We would not be able to fulfill the many duties of our ceremonial work if it weren’t for the support we are offered by men and women.  Supporters arrive with a humble heart, willing to be of service, however it might be needed.  Examples of supporter activities include:

– helping with camp set-up/tear-down
– tending the sacred heart fire
– heating grandfather stones for our lodges
– assisting the kitchen 
– running errands into town as needed
– carving pipe stems
– bringing tea/cocoa for Dancers during their breaks in the night
– heating the Grandmother Drum at the sacred heart fire during breaks in the night
Supporters also lend their physical presence, emotional energy, and prayer to the ceremony and the Dancers.  Supporters are offered 1-2 lodges (4 doors) during the course of the Dance.  It is helpful to have supporters who can participate in the full 4 days and nights of ceremony, although they are not required to do so.  Some men and women are only able to participate for limited time, which is also very much appreciated.  The supporter financial contribution is the same ($80), regardless of time spent at the ceremony.