Saturday December 16-17 Solstice Gathering
4:00 am to 12:00 pm

2017 Winter Solstice at WEI
Journeying into Darkness for Its Gifts of Release and Renewal

When: Saturday Dec. 16, 2018 and overnight until 12:00 p.m. Sunday Morning Dec. 17, 2016
Where: Women’s Environmental Institute (Eco-Retreat Center)
15715 River Road, North Branch, MN 55056
Cost: $85 – Register before midnight December 14  Limited to 12 participants



Come to WEI on Sat, December 16th Dec. 17 for an intimate Soul-Searching Night of Awakening

During this near Longest Night of the year, nestled into Deep Winter, we’ll each look into the emotional burdens we’ve been carrying this year and invoke release from them. Although the exact night of the Solstice is December 21, we are doing the embrace of the Solstice over this weekend gathering. 

In the darkness of the night, we will   unlatch from the anger, grief, fear, and illusions that have been weighing us down through simple ritual that involves some meditation, movement, sounding, staring at the stars, a little art and more. With the Returning Sun of the next morning, we’ll celebrate whatever insights come with the releases.

We’ll gather at 4:30 on Saturday December 16 at WEI. There will be time to walk outside and ground in this beautiful place. Time for tea and getting to know each other. We’ll have a potluck meal and then move to the Turtle Dome for our ceremonial evening. Heat provided by wood-burning stove in the Dome. Later, we’ll return to the main house to sleep. Sunday morning, some of us will be up the dawn drumming; followed by quiet time in the dome as the heat of the stove returns; all of us will share a breakfast brunch prepared together at 9:30, followed by a ceremony to greet the Return of the Light. We’ll disperse back to our daily lives about 12:00 pm.

Participants are welcome to stay through the day at WEI.  Wild River State Park is next door to WEI.

What to Bring:
—   a dish for a vegetarian potluck for Friday evening
—   sleeping bag, pillow, warm clothes, boots for snow, flashlight, water, journal &
     pens, eye-cover, drum or other musical instrument if you like.
—  Reflection on emotional burdens you are carrying. Invite forth a story you
     can tell of something you desire to release.
—  Bring a symbol for new day release

Facilitators: Kaia Svien, MS, is a meditation instructor, spiritual mentor, lifelong activist, and former adjunct professor in the Holistic Health Studies Master’s Program at St Catherine University. She has studied with the Work That Reconnects (Joanna Macy) for over 30 years. Kaia blends ancient story, deep listening and inner journeying to engage community spirit in shifting consciousness in service of the collective.

Alison Doe Bridinger is a performance artist and ritualist whose work merges live singing with expressive movement. Doe performs prayerfully in a variety of settings, channeling a uniquely striking emotional resonance and presence.