WEI Beekeeping Class – Hive Day Honey Assessment
01:00 to 04:00

Hive Day: Assessing Honey in the Hives

As part of our monthly hive inspection, we will look through all the hives and answer questions, all while assessing the honey stores that each hive has gathered. We will discuss how bees turn nectar into honey.

This class is available to students not registered in the nine-month WEI Amador Hill Bee Keeping Certificate Program To register for a single class, Click Here

Register one week in advance of the class if you plan to attend.
July 23: Hive Day/Mite Controls
Aug 27: Extracting Honey
Sept.24: Making Mead
Oct. 22: Winterizing the Hives
Nov. 19: A WEI Swarm Party: Everything Honey

Questions; contact jerry@w-e-i.org