Thank you for your interest in WEI’s membership. Your contribution does make a difference and we greatly appreciate your commitment to WEI’s environmental, agricultural and food justice mission. All individual WEI Memberships are tax deductible and all membership perks are available to currently registered members.

Tax Deduction: all individual WEI memberships are tax deductible. Tax deduction letters will be sent to you in January of the following year.
Rentals at the WEI Eco-Retreat Center: WEI members are entitled to rent space in the WEI facility for personal or group meetings. This can be more than once a year.
Special WEI member rates: watch for special WEI Member rates for CSA shares, for selected WEI classes, workshops, trainings, and for extra produce from the WEI farm or farm-related offerings.
Special WEI member-only gatherings or focus groups, an option for you might want to enjoy.
Annual WEI appreciation dinner at the farm for WEI members and enduring volunteers and staff; meet WEI’s Executive Director and share your ideas.

All WEI members will receive monthly WEI electronic 2016 updates from the Executive Director with upcoming special rates for WEI members. list of upcoming WEI events, and invitations to bring your ideas and skills to WEI. We would appreciate your feedback on how WEI is doing.

Partner Organizational Membership: (not tax deductible)
This is a membership for an organization that wants to support or partner with WEI. The Partner Organization membership entitles the organization to one full free-rental day of the entire WEI EcoRetreat Center (8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.) for a meeting, gathering or special event. WEI also offers to Partner Organizations the option of staying overnight on the farm campus (in the WEI Eco-Retreat Center) for an additional $50 per person. Up to eight beds are available for these overnights. Call for more information and options,

The Women’s Environmental Institute is a nonprofit organization that is member-driven and supported organization. Your contribution makes a difference and we would like to count YOU among our many diverse and committed supporters. All individual, double and student membership fees are tax deductible. You can become a WEI member online or by mail. For more information, call 651-583-0705.

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