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Farm & Food Justice

Community Food Justice Council

Community Food Justice Council is in partnership with the Environmental Justice Association of Minnesota (EJAM) to organize and develop grower collectives.

Support WEI’s work with urban farmers that WEI is working with to develop, share and reclaim knowledge, skills and information traditional food crops that are culturally specific for the Indigenous American Indian, Latino, Hmong, African American and African immigrant people who are becoming active participants in this project. This unique cross-cultural, cross-neighborhood local food project that is funded in part by the MN Department of Agriculture and the United States Department of Agriculture. WEI has partnered with Environmental Justice Advocates of Minnesota (EJAM) to fulfill the mission and responsibilities of this project.


North Circle Project

The mission of WEI’s North Circle Project is to promote the health and integrity of rural communities and to address and eliminate rural poverty by supporting small family farms through sustainable and organic agriculture. The scope of the project includes small-scale farms in East Central Minnesota, Northwestern Wisconsin, and the St Croix Valley. The North Circle Project seeks to improve economic opportunities for local producers as well as strengthen community support and involvement with local farmers through partnerships, advocacy and education.  WEI is seeking local fruit and vegetable growers, interested consumers or buyers, social investors or anyone with related expertise to get on board with the project. Contact Jacquelyn Zita  for more info at 651-583-0705.