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Mother Brick Project

The Mother Brick Project is a program of the nonprofit Women’s Environmental Institute (WEI), the aim of which is to honor the nurturing spirit and foster a culture of caring for each other and the earth. Participants dedicate a virtual “Mother Brick” on WEI’s website, either to honor a caring person in their lives, or as an expression of their own personal support for the ideals of a more just society based on nurturing, nourishing, sustaining and caring for each other and the earth. Those who dedicate a Mother Brick are invited to submit a written profile (e.g. a tribute, story, poem), and a photo or artwork, to be posted on the Mother Brick Project page. A printed Certificate of Dedication is also provided for gift-giving or use as a keepsake.

Is there cost? Yes. A charitable contribution of $50 is required to dedicate a Mother Brick. Proceeds will be used to support the nonprofit Women’s Environmental Institute, in particular securing the future of the Amador Hill Eco-Retreat Center facility and land base.

May I dedicate a Mother Brick as a memorial tribute in honor of someone who has died? Yes, the dedication of a Mother Brick makes a lovely memorial. The written tribute you provide will be shared with others through the Mother Brick page, and the memory of your honoree will live on in the good works of the Women’s Environmental Institute.

Are Mother Bricks to be dedicated exclusively to women? No, we welcome dedications made to all genders and identities. The point of the Mother Brick Project is to honor individuals who are nurturing and caring for others and for the earth.

Is this entirely a web-based project? The Mother Brick Project is based in the virtual world of the Internet, but is anchored in the real-world brick farmhouse of the beautiful Amador Hill Eco-Retreat Center in rural North Branch, MN. Surrounded by a working organic farm and orchard, the Center is the heart of operations for the Women’s Environmental Institute. As the Mother Brick Project evolves, it is hoped that a corresponding exhibit can be installed on site at the Amador Hill Eco-Retreat Center to acknowledge the important support provided by those who have dedicated a Mother Brick.