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After seven years of hard work, we really think WEI is at a tipping point where, with your support, we can move to the next level.  Our goal is to strengthen our programs and projects, and importantly to provide the staff and infrastructure we need to keep these projects and programs going. This kind of funding is very difficult to acquire except by donor giving. Please send your check (and this form) to WEI, P.O. Box 128, North Branch, MN 55056, or donate on-line: www.w-e-i.org (WEI’s website) and click on:


Here are eight ways to make a significant gift to WEI (all gifts to WEI are tax deductible by federal law). You may give by going online at the WEI website or by mail download this form and send to WEI, PO Box 128, North Branch, MN 55056.

___ Give as generously as you can before the end of the year. ($50, $100, $500, $1000 or more – we need these end-of-year gifts and you may need a tax deduction.) For single donation, click on DONATE NOW!.

___ Give what you can on a monthly basis (e.g., $5 or $100 or more).  A little each month is a lot for the year.  Make your monthly donation automatic, click on DONATE NOW!

___ Give to our Harvest for the Hungry and foodshelf fund.  Help WEI supply fresh organic produce to urban foodshelves and help subsidize our new Phillips farmers’ market. (approximately $250 provides summer produce for one family through Harvest for the Hungry). For on-line donation, click on 2011 CSA ON SALE and designate your gift in the space for FOODSHELF CONTRIBUTION.

___ Give to WEI through the “Global Giving” campaign for our 100 Hoop Project. Help WEI’s Growing Power project to build hoop houses and provide farmer training in organic farming for economically challenged urban communities and small rural farms. Help the North Circle urban and rural farmers gain economic power.
Click on WEI's Global Giving Webpage -- Food Justice in Action. 

___  Sponsor a WEI Farm Intern for the summer ($1,500) or a scholarship to WEI’s 2011 Growing Weekend Training ($350 with overnight). Click on DONATE NOW! and indicate your gift designation (e.g., summer intern) in the space for TYPE OF DONATION.

___  Sponsor a scholarship for economically challenged students to attend WEI’s new Earth Justice and Sustainability School ($300) or Organic Farm School ($125). Click on DONATE NOW! and indicate your gift designation (e.g., scholarship) in the space for TYPE OF DONATION.

___ Select WEI in your Workplace Giving Campaign through the Minnesota Environmental Fund or Community Shares of Minnesota.


___ Rent a bedroom (or the whole house) at WEI’s Eco-Retreat Center for a weekend or a weekday get-away -- relax in the beautiful Amador Hill, or get some writing/ reading done in the peace of quiet of winter. Free farm breakfast offered to guests by friends of WEI.   Just ask. Call 651-583-0705 for reservations. More info http://www.w-e-i.org/retreat

___  Rent the entire WEI facility for a day meeting ($150) or weekend (Friday even through Sunday) ($500) for your organization’s meeting or retreat. Call 651-583-0705 for reservations. More info at http://www.w-e-i.org/retreat

___  Become or renew your WEI membership ($48 single/$58 double for you and a friend).  Go to the WEI website and click on BECOME A WEI MEMBER. 

___  Buy a 2011 CSA share ($525 before the end of the year/$576 after Dec. 31, 2010) for 18 weeks of fresh organically certified produce and optional value-added products delivered close to you direct from the WEI farm.  A perfect gift from you to someone you love. Go to the WEI website and click on 2011 CSA SHARE ON SALE.

___  Watch for our new farm school and earth justice education classes. Register as soon as you can for Organic Farm School (now in its fifth year) and other education classes at WEI.


The gift of time is what makes WEI work.  Consider volunteering for some of the following activities or invent a project that would help support and reduce our ongoing workload at WEI.  See if you can give a day or more to these volunteer tasks.  We need both one-time volunteers and steady volunteers able to help.

(1)     help with administration and office work – we could use this!
(2)     help with event planning and event hosting – so necessary!
(3)     help with farming and crop mobbing (weeding) in the summer months –it’s fun too.
(4)     help with construction and maintenance at WEI – this would be great!
(5)     help with farmer’s markets and urban farming events – help us in the city!
(6)     help with raising funds and writing grants – if you are good, we need you!
(7)     help with electronic and postal mailings and flyers posted around town and country and with Facebook friends
          --  always where we need help in the nick of time.
If you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities, contact WEI  wei[at]w-e-i.org

If you are sending in this form please include the following information:





If you are gifting to another person, please provide the same contact information.  We will send a gift certificate to you to give to your friend.