2019 WEI – EBT/SNAP Application for Spring Greens CSA Box

EARLY BIRD PRICING: WEI is very excited to be providing again an early season farm share with organically certified Spring Greens for six weeks, beginning at the end of April and running through May. The Spring Greens box will help you exit the winter months with fresh organic greens and lots of salad. We will be growing a weekly amount of salad mix or salad greens, along with various weekly provisions, most likely including spinach, kale, chard, pea shoots, bokchoy, dandelion greens, arugula, tat soy, mustard greens, water cress and other fresh veggies. Enjoy getting vitamins back into your winter body: think stir fry, variety salads, side dishes of greens, and early June asparagus rhubarb and radishes. Recipes will be included.

EBT/SNAP Spring Greens – $225.00

You get the same discount as our valued current members of $ 25.00 off the normal price of $ 250.00.  Payments can be arranged in three payments to secure your order.

EBT/SNAP applications are arranged payment for their orders.  Call 651-583-0705 or email jerry@w-e-i.org

Please fill out the application below (or open PDF version here) and WEI will get back to you right away.

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