Rentals for Registered Students

If you are fully registered for a WEI class at the Eco-Retreat Center and would like to stay overnight,  WEI will be offering the following overnight room rentals.

To review pictures of rooms  – click here.

All rooms are first come, first serve. The rates for fully registered students are as follows:

  • Amador Room $75 per night
  • Sunrise Room $45 per night
  • Jenny room $45 per night
  • Fold out couches (downstairs); a shared space $20 per night
  • Smaller beds in Caretaker Room;  a shared space $20 per night.
  • Farmhouse beds: $20 per night — in very old farmhouse.
  • Other:  floor space or camping TBD.

Contact Jerry at 651-583-0705 or to make a reservation.