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13th Annual Ayotlmeztli Danza de la Luna

Heart of the Water Turtle Moon Dance

Ceremony: June 14-18, 2019

Camp Days: June 12-13, 18-19

Permission to Dance: June 13


This is a private event, and those interested in participating should contact Sylvia Sharma at moondanceusa@gmail.com


Greetings MoonDancers, Supporters, Respected Elders, Friends and Family,

We send blessings of love and unity to you all, sharing the dates for this year’s 13th Annual Ayotlmeztli Danza de La Luna, Heart of the Water Turtle MoonDance.  

Please be sure to mark your calendars!

June 12: Opening Camp Day

June 13: Permission to Dance Ceremony at Taylor’s Falls (noon), and Mayan Fire Ceremony at WEI (dusk)

June 14: Opening Ceremony / First Night of the Danza

June 15: Second Night of the Danza

June 16: Third Night of the Danza

June 17: Fourth Night of the Danza

June 18: Closing Ceremony at 2:30pm

June 19: Camp Tear-Down

The Danza is held at the Women’s Environmental Institute in North Branch, MN, 55056 about an hour north of the Twin Cities.

Rates for this year’s Danza are the same as previous years:

Returning Dancers: $190

First-year Dancers (taking pipe): $215

First-year Dancers (not taking pipe): $200

Supporters: $80

Registration materials and more detailed information will be sent via email in March.  

If you know of anyone who would like to Danceor Support this year, please have them send a letter of  interest to: moondanceusa@gmail.com

If you have any immediate questions, please do contact Abuela Sylvia and the Consejo via the gmail address above.

We look forward to another year of strong prayers to find internal knowing, in harmony with nature.


The Danza Consejo