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WEI’s aquaponic certificate training class is an eight month hands-on course that runs from October through May, meeting every second Sunday of the month. This is the last of 3 possible intro classes to choose from. This class which will follow an annual aquaponic cycle, from fingerlings to mature yellow perch, beginning with a basic introduction to aquaponics and aquaculture.

Aquaponics is the art and science for the cultivation of fish and plants together in a constructed, re-circulating closed loop  eco-system utilizing natural bacterial cycles to convert fish wastes to plant nutrients.  WEI’s aquaponic certificate training is a eight month hands-on course which will follow an annual aquaponic cycle, from fingerlings to mature yellow perch. 


Intro to Aquaponics Time and Location:  Oct 23 at Peterson’s Mill, 38964 Branch Ave, North Branch, MN (map).

Date, Time and Location of Regular Classes: Classes will happen on the second Sunday of every month from November – May, from  1:30 pm to 4:00 pm. All of these regular classes will be held at Amador Hill Farm, 15715 River Road, North Branch.(map). Gandhi Mahal will serve as a back-up location should weather prevent access to Amador Hill Farm (you will be given 24 hours notice, via email, of any location changes). 

Course Schedule:

Intro Course Fee $35

All of the remaining  classes will meet at WEI’s Amador Hill Farm 1:30-4:00

•November 11, 2018: System Design and Components/Starting your Home Aquaponic System 1:30-4:00

•December 9, 2018: Fish Husbandry and Plant Care 1:30-4:00

•January 13, 2019: Water chemistry 1:30-4:00

•February 10, 2019: Marketing and Rules and Regulations 1:30-4:00

•March 10, 2019: Bio Filtration 1:30-4:00

• April 14, 2019: Off Season Production and Vertical Integration 1:30-4:00

• May 12, 2019: Shutting Down the System/Overview of Annual production 1:30-4:00


Registration Fee:
Full Package (all 8 classes)  $250  includes introductory class      
Half Package (choose any 4 of the 8 classes)  $175 included introductory class

Eligible for Friends of WEI discount: 10%

Students attending 7 of the 8 classes will receive a 
WEI Certificate in Aquaponic Farming  

OBJECTIVES of the Certificate Class: 

(1) Basic knowledge of Yellow Perch fish science

(2) AQ Fish and Greens Systems management

(3) System Design and Chemistry for AQ Farming

(4) Marketing and Regulations

(5) Experiential: Hands-on management of a four-season AQ systems

(6) Building a Home Aquaponic system