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This is a class for those traditionally left out of learning how to hunt and prepare for the hunting season in Minnesota. The class will provide a basic introduction and guided experience on handling of fire arms for hunting, hunting safety and teamwork, and basic strategies for hunting deer in the Minnesota woods.  

Women and Deer Hunting

When: September 21, October 6, November 3, November 8-10

Where: WEI’s Amador Hill Farm and Orchard, 15715 River Road, North Branch MN

Instructor:  Abigail Hehner and Mike Mackiewicz

Registration Fee: $250

Overnight accommodations included in registration for Fri Nov 8, Sat Nov 9


Full Course Description

This class is specifically designed for empowering women to navigate a better understanding of the hunting process so they can go into the Minnesota deer hunting season with confidence. The class will offer the opportunity to learn practical hunting preparations and skill building in a 3-day deer hunting experience. An overview of the history of women in the U.S. hunting cultures will be included as we explore how women in the group have experienced hunting in their family or community, along with a look at the ecological, spiritual and culinary aspects of hunting. 

Learning Objectives: 

1)  Provide a safe and comfortable environment for women to learn about deer hunting.

2)  Provide a practical outlet for safe firearm handling

3)  Host a weekend Women’s Deer Camp to apply the hunting knowledge learned in the class to a weekend of hunting

4) Provide a guided learning experience for deer hunting with firearms.


Location of each class session subject to change – you will recieve details a week or two prior to class on specific locations. All will be at or near WEI’s Amador Hill Farm and Orchard, 15715 River Road, North Branch MN.

Saturday, Sept 21, 10am – 3pm

General orientation, meet the students and mentors in the class; share info about the course. Walk the land and review WEI’s hunting rules. 

Sunday, Oct 6, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Shotgun training at WEI.

Sunday, Nov 3, 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

One last time to meet and go over check list, possibly meet at sporting goods store for final purchases and preparation, possibly meet off-site at local sporting goods store

Friday, November 8 – Sunday, November 10, Times TBD

Hunting weekend at WEI, overnight accommodations available at WEI’s Eco-Retreat Center (included in course registration fee). We will split up into groups for two separate hunting sessions, times to be established.



What to bring for Sept. 21

Bring own lunch and dress for the weather. Students must bring Gun Safety Permit and

Gun Safety License to this first class meeting.

What to bring for Oct.  6 

Bring own lunch and dress for weather, wearing layers of clothing is best. Wear your blaze

orange or blaze pink clothing for identification. Personal shotgun fire arm optional. 

No other firearms allowed. 

No lead bullets allowed.

What to bring for hunting weekend Nov. 8– 10

Dress for the weather—wear layers of clothing. Wear blaze orange or blaze pink clothing for identification in the woods. Student must take a certified MN gun safety class either online or in person before September 1.  Students must bring Gun Safety Permit and a Gun Safety License to the first class on September 14. Must be able to climb a ladder and lift 40 pounds; 18 + age. Personal shotgun firearm (optional). No other firearm weapons are allowed. Bring your ID: only students and instructors registered for this class will be allowed to hunt on WEI land.  

Bio Primary Instructor: Abigail Hehner is a professional outdoor video/editor for Deer and Deer Hunting.  She is a lover of all things Nature and has been hunting most of her adult life.

Secondary Instructor: Mike Mackiewicz is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Superior majoring in geography, biology and a minor in art.  Mike presently is teaching a beekeeping class at the Women’s Environmental Institute. Mike is an experienced hunter and  has been dedicated to enjoying Minnesota outdoors throughout this region and all over the Midwest. 


Abbi Hehner