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Registration Fee: $35 

Instructor:  Dianne Patras, Chisago County Master Gardener and University of Minnesota Food Preservationist Volunteer 


Course Description:
Join us for a cross-generational gathering of sharing experiences and expertise in “Putting Up” food — the science and art of preserving food. Add value to your extra produce and preserve food that will last your family through the winter. In this beginner class, Dianne will cover basics on why we want to preserve food, how it works, safety measures to take, start up costs, and talk about the Minnesota Cottage Food regulations.  In addition, you will learn about the different methods of preserving food:

  • Canning – Canning with hot water bath vs. pressure cooker, which to use when.
  • Freezing – What food is safe to freeze and which are most desirable when frozen.
  • Dehydrating – How to.

Dianne’s instructor fee from this class and the others she is teaching for WEI, will be donated to Williams Park Community Garden in North Branch.

What to Bring:

  • Lunch for after class if you should choose to stay longer.

Other Upcoming Food Preservation Classes:

  • June 30:  Strawberry Jams and Hot Pepper Jelly
  • July 21:  Pickling and Herbed Vinegars
  • Aug 4:  Canning Tomatoes, Salsas, and making Kraut

About the Instructor:
Dianne Patras has been a Chisago County Master Gardener for 16 years and a University of Minnesota food preservation volunteer for 15 years. She grew up on a farm on the Iron range, with her parents and 5 siblings.  Her family always had a large garden and her Mother put up 1,000 quarts of food each year with the help of Dianne.  She has been growing large gardens and preserving food for over 45 years. One of her favorite items to preserve is using wild berries to make jellies.   Fall 2017 Dianne and her husband, David Smith, received  “Community Livability” award from the Minnesota State Horticultural Society for their work on the Williams Park Community Garden in North Branch.