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Course Fee: $75.00
Instructor: Nancy Graden, Red Clover Herbal Apothecary Farm  
Nancy Graden will teach this hands-on class on growing mostly culinary and some medicinal herbs. She will track this process from seeding in the greenhouse, transplanting out, tending to, harvesting and storing. She will include specifics of planting each kind of herb in a greenhouse and discuss stratification and scarification, days to germinate, when/how to up-pot, when to plant into ground, sun/soil preferences, companions planting tips, along with harvesting, storing and some medicinal benefits. WEI will provide seeds, potting soil, trays and a heated space for the hands-on seeding session.. Participants will have an opportunity to taste Lemon Balm, Lemongrass, Tulsi, Anise Hyssop teas. Participants can also take their newly sown seeds home for late winter care.  
What to Bring:  bring your own lunch and something to share.