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Join us as we explore the art of growing, harvesting, and dyeing with plants grown here in Minnesota. Locally grown fiber and dye is gaining popularity as a skill, and you’ll learn how to process plants and flowers from the forest, prairies, and your own gardens to create beautiful hues. By the end of class you’ll have learned the basic techniques of cultivating your own natural dye garden and making dye from it.

What to Bring:

  • 100% Natural Fibers to dye (linen, silk, wool, cotton) that weigh no more than 1 pound all together

About the Instructor: Libby London, Founder Northern Dyer

Libby London has a background in cold climate permaculture farming, cooperative sustainable farming, and natural dyeing.  She currently runs a natural dye business called Northern Dyer where she grows and forages for natural dye plants, teach workshops, research dye plants for our region in Minnesota, and run a custom dye lab.  Libby has taught a number of workshops over the past few years both on farms, in art studios, art centers, and even a restaurant.  She ran a young farmers cooperative called Sandbox Center for Regenerative Entrepreneurship where she grew natural dye plants on the farm.  One of the best workshops Libby ever taught was on that farm because students had the wonderful experience of harvesting and foraging for dye plants and then learning how to process the plants.  Libby believes this kind of experiential learning in natural dyeing is impactful and shows students how they could easily cultivate these plants for dye in their own backyards.

Registration Info:  $50/person (includes materials)            
Limited to 14 students 
Deadline is September 10, 2018 at 12:00pm

Registration closes once class is filled

Instructor Name:  Libby London, Founder Northern Dyer