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Instructor:  Jacqueline Bilek

Registration Fee:  $75 plus $14 (materials fee)
  Materials fee includes purchase of the right size crochet hooks and extra fabric swatches.
 – If you have questions about materials fee, contact Jacqueline at 612-244-0372
 – You must register by March 1 for the class to meet minimum enrollment.  

Lunch:  bring your own lunch.  Beverages provided by WEI


This class is based on a repurpose/reuse/recycle philosophy. Rugs can be made from old jean fabric from discarded jeans, jackets, and western shirts. This class will provide an introduction to the art of crocheted rugs and a discussion on repurposing textiles and environmental sustainability, while you work at cutting strips from the discarded jean material you have collected. You will learn crocheting skills needed, first with yarn and next with strips of jean material. Finally you will be introduced to ways to add color and brightness to jean rugs.  By the end of class, you will have a start on a jean rug to take home.    

No crocheting or hooking experience needed!

What to Bring:

  1. Good cutting scissors
  2. Seven pairs of recycled jeans from home, thrift store, friends, etc. Old and ripped are fine.
  3. Three to four different colored fabrics to use for accents in your jean rugs. These should be approximately the size of a manilla folder. These fabrics can be old recycled cotton or cotton blend shirts, table clothes, shorts, etc. or any other swatch of fabric. The key here is to have 3-4 brighter accent fabrics. These swatches can be print, checked, floral or solid…whatever you think would be an accent to the color of jeans.

About the Instructor:  Jacqueline Bilek comes from a long line of Polish crafters. When Jacqueline’s Mom understood that knitting was not her area of excellence, Jacqueline’s first American generation Grandmother patiently taught her crocheting. Many classes later and new experimental applications led Jacqueline to crocheting ‘Jean Rugs’. Her philosophy of teaching is fun, friends, and finished products. Jacqueline has been teaching/training for many years and provides thorough instruction and enjoy supporting each student where they are.