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Registration Info:  $75/person        
                                         Limited to 14 students 
                                         Deadline is May 15, 2018 at 12:00pm   
                                         Registration closes once class is filled

Meals:  Free simple soup, bread, and cheese provided by WEI.

 Overnight Accommodations at WEI:  Subject to availability. Contact WEI for further information (651) 583-0705 or jerry@w-e-i.org

 Instructor Name:  Kaia Svien, M.S., Spiritual Guide and Program Designer Mindfulness for Changing Times


Course Description:
Join us for a soothing day at the farm to deepen your relationship with Nature.
Leaving behind your full life in the city, your service to other people, other creatures, other causes, nourish yourself with this pleasant, loving focus on you simply being in Nature.

Enter the gentle flow that includes silent walks in the woods, guided experiences to deepen and personalize our connections to the Mother of Us All, short meditations, journaling, stretching, poems and readings that honor our bodies, earthly and human. In the middle of the day, we’ll share a delicious lunch, have time for a luscious nap, journaling or joining some of the farming activities for a while. As part of coming into our fullness as children of living Earth, we will dedicate some of the day to acknowledging the peoples who lived on Amador Hill before settlers arrived and to recognizing the ongoing extinction of multiple species of beings. As these tumultuous times are teaching us, we’ll experience how facing into the losses around us contextualizes the deep love for life that is pushing forward, like spring growth, in each of us.

Wherever you are in relationship with Mother Earth will be a good starting place for this day of deepening. No meditation experience is necessary. A desire to come home to your own inner world as we’re embraced by Mother Earth is enough.

What to Bring:

  • lunch if you should choose not to enjoy soup, bread, and cheese provided by WEI
  • appropriate clothes that are tick-proofed (ie long sleeves, highboots, etc) & an umbrella. If the weather is too inclement, we’ll be mostly indoors.
  • a (returnable) symbol that connects you to your love of Mother Earth (ie a stone, feather, stick)
  • photo of a no-domesticd species that you feel some kinship with
  • a blanket, beach towel to put on the ground under you for an outdoors meditation (weather -permitting)

About the Instructor:
Kaia Svien, M.S., Spiritual Guide and Program Designer Mindfulness for Changing Times. Kaia is a mindfulness meditation instructor, a spiritual advisor, author and cultural change agent. Her spiritual seeking is grounded in the emerging ancient wisdom ways of Europe; her social justice activism has been greatly influenced by her study with Joanna Macy over the last 30 years. Kaia is inspired by the widespread awakening of unitive consciousness in these turbulent times.


 Questions: contact Kaia at ksvien@iphouse.com