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Instructor:  Glenda Closson, Minnesota Equipment, Isanti MN

Registration Info:  $40/person


Tired of asking for help! This class is for women who love tractors or who might like to own a tractor or who want to use a tractor to complete a field or garden plot and be done with it.

This will be a good beginner’s class and a refresher class on safe tractor driving, farm machine maintenance, and safety features on different size tractors and a skid loader. The class will also cover the maintenance schedule for medium size tractor, review the relevant technical vocabulary for machine parts and functions, and demonstrate safety signals on the field.

All levels of farming experience are welcome, and everyone is welcome.   Learn to shoot down tractor trouble before asking for help.  Glenda Closson i from Isanti Equipment will lead the workshop with tractors  and Ag equipment supplied by WEI.


About the Instructor: GLENDA CLOSSON

I would consider myself more a farm woman than a city girl, as I was not brought up on a farm, but was introduced to farming by marriage. Farming was a huge part of my life for 30 years. My husband and I owned and operated a dairy farm in southern Minnesota for those 30 years. We raised 3 children. I took over the operation of the dairy in 1991 and my husband worked off the farm. As a team we grew the dairy herd from 12 cows to more than 80 cows. Besides the daily milking of the herd, I also managed the youngstock, bred cows, and did feed analysis and feeding programs for the animals.  Field work was also a part of my workday. Maintaining and operating tractors and skid loaders was large part of our operation. I learned how to service and maintain the equipment with the help of my father-in-law. He taught me how to service and do simple repairs. I spent many hours operating skid loaders and ag tractors. We sold our dairy farm and moved north. I am currently working for the service department at Minnesota Equipment in Isanti, MN where we service and repair Ag equipment and lawn tractors.