Herbalism and Environmental Health Certificate

College Level Education program


All WEI classes on herbalism and environmental health are open to all interested students. WEI’s Certificate in Herbalism and Environmental Health is available for students who would like to pursue a more intensive course of study which requires a final exam.  You can register for any WEI herb classes without signing up for the Herbalism and Environmental Health Certificate Program. 

WEI’s Environmental Health and Herbalism Certificate Program:  Learn how to grow organically certified herbs, harvest and dry herbs, prepare natural herbal products, salves and tinctures from the wild and from herbs grown on the farm; create a botanical medicine chest for your family’s health as well as your own; make first aides with herbs; plan and plant your own herb garden for food, condiments and health. Prepare yourself for more advanced herbal training at Green Wisdom School of Natural and Botanical Medicine or other advanced degree programs. 

Certificate Registration:  Register for 30 credits over a two year period, includes  a weekend-intensive required foundation course: The Herbal Apprentice April 6-7, 2019 (with Gigi Stafne) 6 credits, or Herbalism and Environmental Health, Level One to be offered in in 2020(with Gigi Stafne) 6 credits. 

You can also register for individual courses to create your own certificate program of study. Send e-mail to jz@w-e-i.org(WEI Director of Education) to arrange a meeting to register for WEI’s Herbalism and  Environmental Health Certificate Program and to set up a meeting to discuss and design your customized plan of study.    

Requirements for WEI’s Herbalism and Environmental Health Certificate
            Total of 30 credits over 2 years

  • One required weekend intensive course (6 credits)
  • Four additional herb/ herbalism TOPICS classes(12 credits)
  • Herb Farming Practicum (80 hours) 10 credits—work hours in WEI’s herb garden
    TBD with farm manager
  • Herb compendium contribution 2 credits – information sheet on two herbs you select for deeper study—TBD with WEI Education Director and herbalism educator

WEI Certificate
and Letter of Achievement will be awarded after completion of the requirements for the Certificate Program.  For an additional $50 (instructor grading time and exit interview), you can request a customized final exam to evaluate your herb compendium contribution and to verify what you have learned and skills you have acquired in the Certificate Program. If you pass your exam, you will receive WEI’s Herbalism and Environmental Health Certificate and Letter of Achievement which will verify what you have learned, what skills you have acquired, evaluation of your work ethic and aptitude for learning and any special assets you bring to herbalism and environmental health. These documents may be used for future employment, school applications, transfer of credit or résumé feature. WEI try to help you make these articulations.


LOCATION:  WEI’s Amador Hill Farm and Orchard , 15715 River Road, North Branch (Amador Township), Minnesota, 55056. 

REQUIRED CERTIFICATE COURSE offered in 2019  The Herbal Apprentice April 6-7, 2019. Two-day weekend-intensive class. (with Gigi Stafne)  6 credits 


TheHerbal Apprentice class April 6-7, 2019

Registration fee:  $295

2019 TOPICS COURSES (3 credits each). For more information on these classes:  w-e-i.org Upcoming Classes and Events.

  • Feb. 2: Winter’s Botanical Medicine Chest(Herbalist Angela Campbel) Register
  • Feb. 23: Medicine of the Trees, (Herbalist Angela Campbell) Register
  • March 2:Growing Herbs: A to Z, (Herb Farmer Nancy Graden) Register
  • May 4: Natural Approaches to Lyme Disease (Herbalist Gigi Stafne) Register
  • May 4: Herbs and First Aide (Gigi Stafne) Register
  • May 11: A Mother’s Day Special: An Herbal Approach to Women’s Health

   Across Our Lifetime (Herbalist Gigi Stafne)  Register

  • May 18 Foraging Meal from the Woods (Herbalist Angela Campbell) Register
  • June 8 Walk on the Wild Side (Herbalist Angela Campbell) Register
  • Sept. 29 Harvesting and Drying Herbs (Herbalist Angela Campbell) Register