What is the North Circle On-Line Farmers Market ?

The North Circle Food Hub distributes produce to local consumers, health providers, food-related businesses and other markets through an online ordering system. Customers can view availability from local farmers and order each week Monday to Wednesday for pick up at the Friday Farmer’s Market Fest in North Branch.

The aim of WEI’s North Circle Food Hub is to promote the health and integrity of our rural communities and to address and eliminate rural poverty by supporting small family farms through collaborative sustainable agricultural practices.

The scope of the North Circle Food Hub includes small-scale farms and market gardens in North Branch and surrounding communities of East Central Minnesota. The aim is to provide local, healthy, organic produce for local consumers who in turn will support local small farms and a renewed integrity and trust in our local food system.

What Does It Mean To Purchase North Circle Project Products

When you purchase North Circle produce or value-added products, you know you are helping to support small family farms and market gardeners located our local area. You also know your food is:

  • Fresh! Harvested no sooner than the day before pick up.
  • Healthy
  • Free of synthetic pesticides
  • Sustainably Grown

Through our North Circle ads, logo and website, community members have the opportunity to get to know our local farmers and learn more about how they grow their produce or how and where they create value-added jams, jellies, pickles, sauerkraut or other products.

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