Will Allen’s Farmer Training Scholarship Application

WEI Scholarship Policy

Please only submit an application for a scholarship, if you are unable to pay your registration fee.

WEI is able to provide scholarships only for those in financial need. Scholarships are based on applicant need and support for WEI’s mission, as well as your future plans and on-going projects. You must provide some evidence of financial need to our financial manager. Your estimated annual income must be checked off on the application form.

Full Tuition Scholarships are specifically reserved for each scheduled class and are made available once the class reaches a minimum number of paying students.  

A limited number of partial scholarships are also available. These can be issued based on financial need before a minimum enrollment has been reached for a class. Half the registration fee can be covered by the scholarship and the other half can be paid by the applicant (or a friend) or covered by required an equivalency in volunteer hours  

WEI allows only two scholarships per year per individual.

A scholarship applicant must fill out and submit a scholarship application before being considered for a scholarship.

The cutoff date for submitting a scholarship is 3 days prior to the specific class or workshop.

All questions and concerns on scholarships contact our main office at 651-583-0705, or email jerry@w-e-i.org .
Jerry Krier, WEI Finance Manager.


WEI is only able to provide scholarships for those in financial need. Please only submit this application if you are unable to pay for your registration fees. The information in this document is held in confidentiality with WEI. You will be notified when the scholarship is ready to be issued.